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The 6 Most Expensive Colleges in the US



Most Expensive Colleges in the US

Most Expensive Colleges in the US: Higher education has never been more expensive than it is today, and students are looking to get the most out of their degree while also saving money where they can.

In this article, we’ll cover the 6 most expensive colleges in the US and reveal some of the factors that contribute to high tuition costs.

Harvard University

Harvard University is worth 66,838 per year. One of America’s most prestigious universities and one of its oldest, Harvard University is a private research university in Massachusetts, USA. Not only is it one of the wealthiest institutions in existence, but Harvard also educated some of our nation’s greatest politicians, produced multiple Supreme Court justices, and it was where Mark Zuckerberg received his education.

Notable alumni of the school include Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin (the astronauts), Matt Damon, Natalie Portman, and Ben Affleck. the noted comedians are as follows: Stephen Colbert, John Updike, Toni Morrison, and Sylvia Plath. Leonard Bernstein, composer and E.O. Wilson, scientist.

Princeton University

Tuition, room and board, and other fees total $52,290 per year. Students are charged a health fee of $1,500 annually. Books and supplies cost an additional $1,200. Room and board costs $14,780 per academic year.

The average financial aid award is $43,890. Approximately 70% of students receive some type of financial aid or scholarship aid to help offset college costs.

The average annual amount awarded is $41,076. Princeton offers need-based grants as well as merit-based scholarships to undergraduates who demonstrate exceptional academic achievement in high school or through their standardized test scores during their application process for admission to Princeton University.

Stanford University

$45,838/year including board. Stanford provides need-based financial aid to 20% of students from families making less than $60,000 and all students from families making less than $100,000. The average grant is $46,500 per year. It’s not just tuition that makes Stanford one of America’s most expensive colleges room and board costs an additional $14,908 per year on top of that.

But for those who can afford it, its reputation as a world-class university is well deserved: The school boasts seven Nobel laureates among its faculty members (more than any other American college) and was recently ranked #1 by U.S News & World Report for graduate programs in both business and engineering.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology offers students a unique educational experience. Its highly-selective admissions process ensures that only students with exceptional academic credentials are admitted.

MIT’s on-campus living provides additional opportunities for students to engage with faculty and fellow classmates. Students can also participate in over 1,000 student organizations. Tuition at MIT is $46,600 per year for tuition and fees. Room and board costs an additional $14,500 per year. Financial aid is available for students who qualify.

Columbia University

At a tuition of $59,220 a year, Columbia University tops The Princeton Review’s list of most expensive colleges. The Ivy League school is known for its top-notch academics and extensive athletics. For students looking to cut costs, there are several opportunities to do so: Living off campus can save about $14,000 per year; joining an eating club can reduce dining expenses by up to 50 percent; and taking advantage of free museum passes throughout New York City will help students explore art without spending any money. There are also plenty of student discounts on everything from travel to cell phone plans that can help offset some costs.

Yale University

Located in New Haven, Connecticut, Yale is also one of America’s most prestigious universities. According to Kiplinger’s Personal Finance, Yale offers generous financial aid packages, making it an affordable option for many students.

The average annual cost of attendance at Yale University is $45,900. However, the average amount a student receives in grants and scholarships is $38,500 per year, bringing their total cost down to $6,400 per year on average.

The school has over 5,000 courses and more than 300 majors available to its undergraduates. Its graduate programs are equally impressive with 48 master’s degrees and 52 doctoral programs available. Alumni include former presidents George W. Bush and Bill Clinton as well as actors Meryl Streep and Paul Newman among others.


The average cost of one year at a private college or university is $28,300. But if you’re willing to forgo room and board, that number drops to an average of $14,000 per year. And if you want to get really specific, some schools can be as low as $10,000 per year.

So while it might seem like your only option is to take out massive loans and rack up credit card debt there are other options out there. If you’re looking for a way to pay for school without going into debt look into scholarships. There are tons of scholarships available specifically designed with lower-income students in mind.

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How To

How to Write Job Application Letter in Nigeria 2022



Write Job Application Letter in Nigeria

Hey dear, Welcome to my blog If you’re are new here you are welcome, we share mostly educational content here and today we are going to be talking about how to write job application letter in Nigeria.

If you are not sure or you don’t totally know how how to write job application letter in Nigeria, you came to the right place. Take your time and read till the end of this article we have shared all that you need to know.

First of all, you have to note that application documents differ from one country to another. In North America and Europe a cover letter typically accompanies a resume, an application letter stands on its own and therefore, is more in-depth.

Nigerian employers use an application letter and a cover letter interchangeably. In this article, we’ll take a good look at how to write an effective application letter and we will equally include a sample for guidance.

So if you are applying to a company, and in the job description they request either an application letter or a cover letter, you should prepare a resume/CV accompanied by a piece of writing that succinctly summarizes your best selling points and professional accomplishments.

Thus, an application letter follows the rules of formal writing. But if you use our guides, you will grab the hiring manager’s attention and stand out;

How to Write Job Application Letter in Nigeria 2022

Before we dive into teaching you how to write an application letter you have to have a look at the following important tips.

  • Always write an outline, as it will inform your letter of the structure.
  • Write a draft and carefully polish it.
  • Pay special attention to the first and last sentences as they can leave a lasting impression or prompt a hiring manager to toss your letter in the trash.
  • Tailor your application letter to the vacancy requirements or at least to the company’s policy and vision.
  • Use a friendly tone and avoid complaining or being chummy.
  • Make it concise.

If you are about to write your first application letter, it will take you some time to find all the information you need, write a draft, and finally polish it by proofreading and using our tips. But in the long run, it will pay off.

Now let’s look in greater detail at the stages of writing an application letter or cover letter for a job in Nigeria.

Outline. At this stage just jot down the titles of the paragraphs and what comes to mind on the spur of the moment. For example, your outline can use the following application letter format in Nigeria:

  • Company’s address
  • Salutation
  • Opening sentence (strong leadership, customer service, optimizing expenditures)
  • Reasons for writing (my experience fit their job description)
  • Your qualifications and what you have to offer the company
  • Summarize and thank
  • Close off
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Draft. To avoid being bogged down by little things like googling the company’s address and the names of the hiring manager and recruiter, write the bulk of the letter first. You can hone your whole draft during the final stages.

Forbes career counselor Robin Ryan advises against writing a generic letter. The fact that you should not copy and paste a random example of a job application letter in Nigeria goes without saying.

In the first paragraph, talk about your best qualities and most amazing results. Treat it as a 30-second elevator speech. Be concise and use only meaningful phrases without cliches and banalities.

In the second paragraph, elaborate on your professional experience, keeping in mind the employer’s needs. List your most impressive projects and jobs. If you are entry-level, you can mention your education, including SATs score, certificates, and diplomas, awards, publications, etc.

In the third paragraph, express your admiration of the company and emphasize your fit with the company’s values, mission, and job requirements.

Polish your draft. After you compose your rough draft, read and reread it several times, weeding out all platitudes, empty phrases, and clichés. Daniel Victor from the New York Times advises against stating the obvious. For example, there is no point in saying that you are a “hard worker” or have a “creative mind.” First of all, such statements are overused. Second, your ability to work hard will be obvious from the work you do.

Work on the first and last sentences. You should put more thought and consideration into wording it than an average candidate cares to do. For example, Ryan recommends not to open up your letter with overused phrases like “I’m applying for a vacancy advertised on the company’s LinkedIn page.” An application letter is short, so don’t waste space on vapid, generic sentences that say virtually nothing about you.

It will take you some time and research to craft an attention-grabbing opener that will immediately tap into the employer’s need and demonstrate your qualities. Even if you are not responding to a specific job description and are writing a cold letter, try to analyze the job you are applying for. As soon as you grasp what the employer wants to see in an employee in this position, you will know how to address it.

If your aim is to demonstrate your skills and work results, you should write something similar to this opener: “Twice an award holder for my superb selling skills at the Finn Group, I can bring my proven expertise in sales and product knowledge to increase revenue for the Diana & Co. sales team.”

When finishing the letter, focus on what you bring to the company rather than what you can take from them. That is why ‘looking forward to seeing you in person is just a waste. Conclude your letter with a promise:

‘I welcome the chance to discuss your current varnish and paint sales objectives and show you how my innovations and solutions at the Finn Group can translate into growth for Diana & Co.”

“Could we meet next week to discuss how my skills in software sales, leadership, and database management can help grow your revenue by 15% per year?” “I would welcome the chance to discuss the increased sales and reduced costs I would bring to your company.”

Tailor your application letter to the vacancy requirements. After the bulk of your application letter is written, keep polishing it. Check out whether your descriptions and mentioned skills fit the job descriptions that you can find on the company’s website or LinkedIn page. You need to show that you understand the company’s needs and job duties and are ready to deliver.

Proofread your letter. When you re-read your letter several times, make sure you conform to a Nigerian application letter format. At this stage, you should know the name of the hiring manager to go beyond a generic ‘Dear Sirs’ or ‘To whom it may.’ Shorten overly-wordy sentences and check each sentence for clarity. Zap out any slang or colloquial words. Your tone should be friendly and light yet formal.

Sample of a Job Application Letter in Nigeria 2022

Here is an example of an application letter we composed to show you how to use all of the above tips and rules. Feel free to use this letter as a template but remember that generic letters do not encourage recruiters to invite applicants for an interview.

12 Tonyllen Crescent Street
Uyo, Anambra State
March 08, 2022.

Mark Chioke
Human Resources Manager
Veggies to Go
238 Main Street
Portland, Maine 04101

Dear Mr. Chioke,


I was so excited when my former coworker, Emmanuel Ebuka, told me about your opening for an administrative assistant in your Portland offices. A long-time Veggies to Go customer and an experienced administrator, I would love to help the company achieve its mission of making healthy produce as available as takeout.

I have worked for small companies for my entire career, and I relish the opportunity to wear many hats and work with the team to succeed. In my latest role as an administrative assistant at Beauty Corp, I saved my employer thousands of dollars in temp workers by implementing a self-scheduling system for the customer service representatives that cut down on canceled shifts. I also learned web design, timesheet coding, and perfected my Excel skills.

I have attached my resume for your consideration and hope to speak with you soon about your needs for the role.

Best Regards,

Jake Blade
[email protected]



As you can see, a clear-cut structure makes writing an application letter less difficult than one might fear. Yet, you will definitely need some preliminary research. If you feel paralyzed by the fear of a blank page, just start jotting down whatever comes to your mind.

You can reword and polish it later. Or use the Internet, where you can find many online application letter builders that can provide you with an excellent template that you can edit and make more personalized.

Your application can be rather simple and concise and still land you a job interview if you aim to make it unique and avoid clichés. Do not go over one page. Proofread it many times. And treat it as an important piece of writing that has a pinch of your personality.

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